Watchlist for 12-29-2016 $FBIO, $S, $DRAM, $MPET, $CNAB

By December 29, 2016Pro Articles

Slow day on scans, but that is to be expected with a big down day in the market yesterday. Will be aggressively scanning into the market open. I’m sure we will have plenty of adds.

FBIO – Junk, but I’m willing to trade this both ways, great example is GALE yesterday, rewatch the market open webinar from 12-28-2016.


S- Trump Trade, been strong for a while, we played this as a swing a couple weeks ago. Looking to break $9.00 could be a good multi day trade.


DRAM – I got “kicked out” of this into the market open, I NEVER recommend revenge trading, but will be watching for a grind higher, most likely a late day move.


MPET – Junk oil and gas, watching for weak open red to green, this may end up being a swing as well.


CNAB – The one higher priced weed stock that survived yesterday. I’ll only buy strength with set risk. 


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