Watchlist for 12-23-2016 $URRE, $WATT, $WTW, $DPRX, $GSAT

By December 23, 2016Pro Articles

Intentionally keeping this list small. Yesterday I allowed the watch to get to big and missed a couple good though not great setups. Trading is always about constant tweaking and recognizing mistakes. Last day before the big holiday, MERRY CHRISTMAS! But most likely low volume and “choppy” so focus is key.


Reminder Market Closed Monday – So no Pro Sessions.


URRE – Looks like I was to conservative on the “ignore” but I wanted day 2 and looks like we got it. Will have a plan into the open.


WATT – Gapper working, will watch dips.


WTW – looking pretty sick right now, thoughts are that this will be hot next week, but will watch weak  open red/green


DPRX – News, Low Float, Biotech, big gap to fill, watching $3.00 over/under but annoyed by failed follow through on these lately. 


GSAT – Same plan, push through $2.00

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