Watchlist for 12-21-2016 $CNAT, $BCEI, $SGY, $MPET, $PIR, $GSAT, $ADHD, $LLNW

By December 21, 2016Pro Articles

Almost all holdover stocks from Monday/Tuesday, so good to review those sessions if you want more thoughts/details.


CNAT – Weak open red to green.


SGY – Good late day fade setup for a short. But only because it was a HOD reject, I’ll look for a push through $11 for a continued run. Then watch the market as a guide and watch for HOD reject again late day. So in summary, long bias early and ride it all day, IF (notice all caps) it sets a top and fade I would consider a short into the close. Though I know borrows are hard to come by.


MPET BCEI – Watching with SGY for potential longs, all of these oil/gas are junk and trading vehicles only, do not overstay or hold a loser.


PIR – Swing keeps working, thinking it breaks $10 today.


GSAT – Keeps holding, watching a push through $1.50 with decent volume.


ADHD – Watch yesterdays market close session for more detail, hoping for a catalyst to get this going.


LLNW – Ideally a push to yesterdays highs with risk set on $2.80-2.75

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