Watchlist for 12-2-2016 – $APPY, $SGY, $SDRL, $LGCY, $WLL, $RCON, $TLYS, $CBK

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Looking to be an interesting day. Lots of potential and pretty varied basket of stocks, oil/gas,biotech,retail. Plenty to trade, today will be about finding focus into the open. As discussed yesterday, create your plans and stick to them.

Venaxis, Inc. (APPY)

If you are looking for potential afternoon/late day short setups, please watch yesterday’s Strategy Session. APPY is EXACTLY what I look for when I’m more short bias. Now that being said after that killer fade, I’ll be watching for a “stubborn short squeeze today”. Ideally weak open red/green. Push through the $4.50 breakout area from earlier this year.


Today will probably be “the tell” for these junk oil/gas stocks. There are plenty of others if you run your energy scan we have gone over in recent sessions. These are my favorites and my focus list, gotta filter down to a manageable list. So now the plan, its Friday and going into kind of an uncertain weekend in the market. I’m looking for two potential trades. Both depend on the price of oil going up or at least stable during the day.¬†

  1. Weak open red to green.
  2. The whole sector is strong, I’ll look to buy the tickers in this list with the most volume and ideally breaking a whole dollar/half dollar area.

Tilly’s, Inc. (TLYS),¬†Christopher & Banks Corporation (CBK)

Normally I’m very anti “old school retail” big box etc. But TLYS was a killer locate mid day in the strategy session and CBK held gains all day. I’ll be watching TLYS for that drop red, to bring it shorts then the perk back to green for continued run. Will “back burner” CBK and scanning for other retails, ideally cheaper ones < $10.



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