Watchlist for 12-16-2016 $DRYS, $AKAO, $PIR, $CBIO, $EVOK, $INVN

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Looks to be another “Shippers gone wild” session. If you are new bring up the chart on DRYS and all the other shippers from a couple weeks ago. Do I think that they will repeat those moves, NO, but do they have a great potential to rip today going into the weekend created a “classic” Friday short squeeze, yes. That being said, others on watch, but my focus will be DRYS and other shippers.

DRYS – Same plan as yesterday looking to buy HOD’s with set risk

What is the definition of “Set Risk” if you have not watched check this out:

AKAO – Still short bias, ideal crack under $14 with risk on $14.00


PIR – Weak open red to green, goal, new highs.


CBIO – Watching for a break above $1.15 with risk at $1.00


EVOK – Total POS stock, but it has “the recipe” low float, former runner, news catalyst etc. Need to see this closer to the market open, but would consider trading over/under $2.00


INVN – Still tracking this “swing” setup from the weekly watchlist.



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