Watchlist for 12-15-2016 $VCEL, $SKLN, $ONVO, $CBIO, $BOSC, $NWBO, $AKAO

By December 15, 2016Pro Articles

VCEL, SKLN – Weak open red to green

ONVO – Over/Under $4.00

CBIO – $1.00 Over/Under

BOSC – Watching or push to ne pre market highs $2.75ish with risk on $2.50

NWBO – Weak open/red to green with risk on $0.80

AKAO – Willing to trade this either way as discussed last night, but need to let it open up and see what the trend is. 

Watchlist of Weed/Marijuana Stocks 10-4-2016

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