Watchlist for 12-14-2016 $VCEL, $AKAO, $CETX, $INVE, $BCEI, $GLF, $ORIG, $TDW

By December 14, 2016Pro Articles

Another busy day, work on focus.

VCEL – Great locate last night, watching $4.25 with risk on $4.00 choppy in pre market and 5 cent tick so expect a bigger range.


AKAO – Still waiting for stock pricing, will only trade after it comes out. 


CETX – Being pumped so use caution, but we spotted this at a great point yesterday, ideally new high break with risk on $5.00


INVE – Weak open red to green.


BCEI, GLF, ORIG, TDW – All junk oil, all in play and more, these are more back burner though if nothing else is interesting. 

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