Watchlist for 12-13-2016 $AKAO, $NVCN, $ESSI, $SDRL, $INVN

By December 13, 2016Pro Articles

AKAO – Weak open red to green, if this cracks and fades post offering no play.


NVCN – Ideally this gaps and runs for idea from yesterday, but will consider if it can base and grind up to $2.50 break.


ESSI – I can’t buy this…. But could still keep running, watching for parabolic for short entry.


SDRL – Watching oil for strength, watching this and other “junky oils” BCEI, ORIG, etc.


INVN – Swing still working, watching weak open red to green for continuation. 



KAYS – Weed and low priced

NDEV – Nice chart.

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