Watchlist for 11-4-2016 $FEYE, $TCCO, $GRVY, $AMMJ, $CNAB, $CNBX, $SKLN

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Note: I have to report for Jury Duty Selection at 1PM. I have no idea how long this takes, but I may miss the afternoon session. HOPING it will not take too long and I will be back in time. Thanks


Its Friday! We had a great week up until yesterday, no reason to give back any gains this close to the election. I know I sound like a stuck record, but trade small and agile. If something doesnt work TAKE IT OFF and move on, today and Monday of all days should NEVER have a more than small loss. I’m licking my chops for next week, but forcing myself to be disciplined and patient.

FireEye, Inc. (FEYE)

Earnings winner, will be watching dips to low $12’s.


Technical Communications Corporation (TCCO)

Trying to let this work from yesterday. If it holds $3 could get “squeezy”.


Gravity Co., Ltd (GRVY)

Weak open red to green, still long bias but only because it’s Friday, any other day and this becomes a short. Hoping for one more move up.


American Cannabis Company, Inc. (AMMJ)

United Cannabis Corporation (CNAB)

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CNBX)

Same plan as the last few weeks. If they are green with volume will look to trade them as long as they stay green, and move red is a stop loss. Still will not short these going into the election, even though we all know they are complete POS’s.




Skyline Medical Inc. (SKLN)

Hoping for a pop to start into a short.




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