Watchlist for 11-30-2016 – $SCON, $URRE, $SPU, $GENE, $HTBX

By November 30, 2016Pro Articles

FYI I’m modifying my daily routine starting tomorrow 12/1/2016, freeing up a bigger slot of time in the morning and going to put more thoughts and writing into these watchlists. Much like the weekly watchlists:

I think it will be better value and I’m constantly looking for ways to increase the power and usefulness of STT Pro!


SCON – Ripping in pre, trying to get dips, watching for $3.50+ break.

URRE – Area of interest $2 with risk on last nights high’s $1.70’s

SPU – Watching break to new highs, $9.40ish

GENE – Probably done, but look for a push back up based on stubborn shorts from yesterday. 

HTBX – Push and hold of $3.00



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