Watchlist for 11-16-2016 $SINO, $EGLE, $DCIX, $OPTT, $EXEL, $STEM, $SAEX, $CANN, $PTCT

By November 16, 2016Pro Articles

“Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.” Lewis Howes


Another day to focus on shippers:

At this point, though it could rapidly change, my focus is $SINE, $EGLE, $DCIX

But same drill as usual trade the ones with volume, do basic technical analysis and write a plan and stick to it. NO fundamental reason for these moves, but GREAT profit potential.

SAEX and CANN gonnna stick with the trend as long as they continue to grind higher. Between those and the shippers plenty on plate for today. 

SO MUCH ON watch, I apologize, but I literally just told myself, “You need to stop adding tickers!”

Pick what you want to watch and focus on those, and if its overwhelming just know at some point we will not have 20+ potential tickers to trade.

Good luck today!



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