Watchlist for 10-21-2016 – $DRWI, $BTUUQ, $CJESQ, $ABEO

By October 21, 2016Pro Articles

Less is more, especially after yesterday. Been a great week and looking to finish it out solid. Not going to press to hard, looking for “easy” trades.

Keep an eye on the “weed stocks” list and the “bankrupt energy stocks” list I’ve posted to the dashboards. These are still interesting and in play.

DragonWave Inc. (DRWI)

Weak open red to green


Peabody Energy Corporation (BTUUQ)

C&J Energy Services, Ltd. (CJESQ)

VERY sketchy, stay small and take quick profits. But my plan is weak open red to green today and then get ready for the short late day or more likely into next week.



Abeona Therapeutics Inc. (ABEO)

Recurring theme today 🙂 Weak open red to green. Shorting is NOT worth the pain right and and doubly so on a Friday. Remember past strategy sessions, shorting can work on Fridays but the edge is not there.




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