Watchlist for 10-19-2016 – $CANN, $CBDS, $MNTR, $EBIO, $SPEX, $CTRV

By October 19, 2016Pro Articles

Way too many stocks to watch…. Trying to focus on a smaller list. Focus will still be on Marijuana stocks. But have some backups as well.


General Cannabis Corp. (CANN)

Cannabis Sativa, Inc. (CBDS)

Mentor Capital, Inc. (MNTR)


Same plan for all three, watching dips to add long. I only focus on these three because they are in my price range. All of the sub pennies are moving as well. It is purely gut feel but I think we are still in the beginning stages of these moves going into the election and vote.



mntrEleven Biotherapeutics, Inc. (EBIO)

Spherix Incorporated (SPEX)

ContraVir Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (CTRV)

Will watch “weak open/red to green” type moves for long. Or if I miss I’ll be watching for a parabolic move to short. Unlike the weed stocks I’m willing to play these long and short.





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