Watchlist for 10-18-2017 $CANN, $CBDS, $CTRV, $OPTT, $RLJE

By October 18, 2016Pro Articles

Basically ALL weed stocks are in play. But need to focus, I like CBDS and CANN simply because they are in the price range I like. Pick you 2-5 and watch those instead of all 20 or so in play.

General Cannabis Corp. (CANN)

Cannabis Sativa, Inc. (CBDS)

Eventually these will all become shorts, but I’m looking to trade the front side and ride them up. Will look to add dips and scale in.




ContraVir Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (CTRV)

Will try and trade the $2.50 breakout. If that fails, I’ll flip bias to short. I really do not think this is up for any good reason. Just stubborn shorts holding firm.



Ocean Power Technologies, Inc. (OPTT)

Watching for dips with risk set on $3.00, goal $4+.



RLJ Entertainment, Inc. (RLJE)

Probably will be no volume, so might be dead to me. But hoping for pops to $2.50 for a short entry.






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