Watchlist for 1-12-2017 $RNVA, $DXTR, $MYOS, $ENPH, $URRE, $BIOC, $FFHL

By January 12, 2017Pro Articles



Well as predicted ETRM falling apart took a lot of “air” out of the low float market. Will be reassessing closer into the market open. 


RNVA – Will watch new highs with risk on after hours perks 0.13ish


DXTR – Faded a little after hours, would love a weak open red to green.


MYOS – Probably dead, but if this gets back above $6 I’m interested.


ENPH – Plan discussed yesterday, watching this as potential multi day swing “grind up”


URRE – Watching all Uraniums, LTBR, UEC etc.


BIOC – Weak open red to green.


FFHL – Watching CLOSELY weak open red to green. Like this one.




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