Watchlist for 1-10-2017 $ARRY, $VBIO, $GNVC, $CTIC, $ETRM, $GEVO, $DFFN, $VKTX, $VBIO

By January 10, 2017Pro Articles



Wow, this is “one of those days”. Way to much on watch to be able to keep track of everything. So my strategy in days like this is to make a big list, then “winnow” the list down the closer we get to the market open. Odds are some of these tickers will either fade and be uninteresting or not have enough volume to be trade able. 


So that is one of the big advantages of the Pro program, we build a list the night before and early AM, then build plans in the pre market session. Great day yesterday, and looks to be an even more amazing day today, 9AM can’t get here soon enough!!



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