Here’s some of what our users had to say about StocksToTrade!
Hey Tim I just came back to stockstotrade since you guys have worked out some of the bugs….I love it.. awesome job and thanks for creating this software the setup is great
~ bmh23 – 2016-05-06
I want to congratulate Tim and all his team including you for the outstanding program and service you have, STT is really the latest Trader software tool. Thank you for all the help, Bests,
~ Pablo – 2016-03-14
$ASTC in @2.40 out @2.81. Saw it on STT and jumped in. 🙂
~ EvillTrader
Thanks to Stockstotrade I knew what price to set to get in on $VLTC and watching the level 2 action I knew when to sell it.
~ tcc12345
I just wanted to say that your StocksToTrade Platform is f*****g sweet. Infinitely superior to etrade pro. I just wish you could trade from it.
~ John M.
$ASTC in at 2.39 out at 2.64 1000 shares for a quick $245 profit after commission thanks STT
~ mdmike509
Hi, Just wanted to give you props on stock to trade its so sweet, perfect for penny stock traders, good job man !!
~ GreenWolf
2nd day of having stocks to trade and i am sold, it is crazy good thank you for the tools Tim.
~ Andrew123