Bohen’s Take: Swinging Sledgehammers, Torturing Tim Sykes, and Stress-Free Trading

I’ve got a new, crazy, masochistic workout regime … and I recently not so subtly tried to destroy my good friend (and the king of donuts) Tim Sykes.

It’s that time again, gang — welcome to the latest edition of Tim Bohen’s Take where among other things i talk about stress-free trading . 

You’ll also learn about how we recently alerted STT Pro subscribers to an awesome trade setup. It was so smooth and stress-free, it was like riding a Japanese bullet train: get on, chill out ‘til you reach your destination, get off.

All that and more … Let’s get to it!

What’s the Haps

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know I’m crazy about fitness and into some pretty zany workouts.

Now, let me tell you, I recently stepped up my game…

I discovered on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast an absolute beast of a man named Pat McNamara. The guy’s in his mid-50s and jacked. He sells a pretty extreme online fitness course and his Instagram is filled with just about everything a guy like me loves… 

Swinging sledgehammers, splitting wood, chucking tires, shooting guns, playing guitars…

It’s like Pat McNamara sat down one day and thought, “How do I appeal to the Tim Bohen demographic” and then hit the bullseye.

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Guys like Pat are so inspirational to me. I often say one of my goals in life is to live to 125 years old.

When I see guys like Pat, Joe Rogan, or even The Rock who are getting older but staying in awesome shape and getting after it each day, it motivates me like nothing else…

I even recently tried to share my love of fitness with my close friend Tim Sykes. It didn’t go so well. We met up to film a video of us working out together. And I gotta be honest, Sykes has a lot of work to do on the fitness front…

We had a trainer with us who pushed us through a regime of sprints, jump rope, body weight exercises — all the good stuff.

And what did I hear from Sykes the ENTIRE time? Whine, whine, whine. It’s nuts. I’m a good 15 years older than Sykes, but he was absolutely dying while trying to keep up with me.

Check out the video … it’s pretty funny:

It’s my new mission to get Sykes to step up his fitness game. So how about a little peer pressure? Leave a comment on the YouTube video and tell Sykes to step up his fitness game!

My Most Exciting Trade Setup

Recently, we had a great little trade setup placed on the weekly watchlist that was a fantastic trade, especially for those part-time traders who can’t watch the screens all day.

The stock was ArQule Incorporated (NASDAQ: ARQL), a little biotech.

Now, if you don’t receive the weekly watchlists, I want to tell you two things…

First, it’s completely free. So you’re crazy not to receive it. Click this link to sign up to the list.

Second, the watchlists come out on Sunday every week, and they look at potential setups for the week ahead. So, we were alerted to ARQL on Sunday.

The setup involved a gap up to 52-week highs on an exciting news catalyst — that ticked a few boxes off on what can make for a smart trade. We came in on Monday to see the stock open in the $9.40s … and all it did all week was grind higher to end the week at $10.50.

Dead-simple price action, smooth and clean stair-stepping upward. This kind of price behavior can be low-stress — it seems like every time you check the stock, the price is a little higher. That’s why it can be so great for someone who can’t watch the screens all day.

So, in one week, we saw a rise from $9.48 to $10.50 or so. That’s roughly a 10% gain on a pretty easy-to-trade and not-too risky stock. If only every trade was like that!

We’re always on the lookout for trades like this in the StocksToTrade Pro community.

If you’d like to improve your trading skills, hear what I’m thinking each day, and network with other traders just like you, join us at StocksToTrade Pro.

StocksToTrade Feature of the Week

There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that as traders we’ve never had it better.

Back in the day before the internet, or even the early internet era, it was harder to find stocks to trade. We didn’t have anywhere near the cool technology we have now to help us trade.

Personally, I love that we have the ability to quickly scan for stocks today.

I literally get up each morning and run my StocksToTrade scanner to find stocks that match my exact criteria. It’s a few button clicks and all great trading candidates for my strategy quickly show up on my screens.

Back in the day, this would involve clicking between clunky websites, eyeballing charts, and wanting to tear my hair out.

That’s why I chose this week’s StocksToTrade feature: custom stock scans.

Let me give you a quick pointer on scanning: A lot of newbie traders often complicate the scanning process. They seem to think they need to be super clever with the criteria. But they often overdo it and end up with few trade setups…

The reality is, for me and many other seasoned traders, the golden rule of scanning is this:

KISS: Keep it simple, Stupid.

Scanning for relatively basic criteria and then further dialing down once you’ve got a list of good potential setups is the most logical and comfortable way to scan — in my experience.

In fact, many of my custom scanners are as simple as can be. I’ll even prove it to you…

Leave a comment below asking me to send my StocksToTrade custom scan, and remember to include your email in the email field (not the comment field). I’m happy to email you a scan or two to show you how simple they can be.

Of course, you’ll need a scanner … I’m just a tad partial to StocksToTrade, but check it out for yourself. Grab your 14-day trial for just $7, and let’s get scanning!

What Am I Reading Now?

At the moment, I’m still making my way through the book “Transforming Wall Street” by Kim Ann Curtin.

You may remember Kim, as she was a guest on the SteadyTrade podcast recently. I’m absolutely loving the book and might even look to do a full review once I’m done.

What I especially love is that it seems like Kim and I are kindred spirits when it comes to a love of certain authors. If you ever listen to me on SteadyTrade, you probably know that I talk about Ayn Rand and Adam Smith all the time.

Ayn Rand is a pro-capitalist, pro-individualist philosopher. She wrote my favorite book of all time, “The Fountainhead.” And Adam Smith is essentially the father of capitalism.

What’s crazy is that the first two chapters of “Transforming Wall Street” are all about these two philosophers — absolutely spot on for me!

So, if you’re looking to add to your reading list and learn some pretty inspirational material from some big-name finance types, grab a copy of Kim’s book!

Tim Bohen’s Take: The Wrap

That’s all for this edition, folks…

I hope I inspired at least some of you to not only focus on trading but also focus on being in great physical shape.

Fitness can help improve your quality of life and how you feel overall. And I’ve found it to really help me focus in trading.

I just wish Sykes would learn that it’s all about financial fitness AND physical fitness. Feel free to tease him on social media about it — you have my permission!

This week’s trade setup should give you some idea that great trades are possible even if you’re not in front of the screens all day.

To help you find those setups, make sure you receive our free weekly watchlists. Or if really want to step up your game, come join me in StocksToTrade Pro.

Now, I’m off for my next nut-case workout. I’ve got the sledgehammers, boxes, and tires all set up … See ya next time!

Fitness, meditation, regular massage — all of these things can help improve your focus and mental clarity. What’s your go-to for getting in the trading zone? I’d love to hear about it … share your comments below!

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  • sue sgaggero says:

    thanks Tim Bohen great ideas I just wish I was able to trade again. Love all your thoughts about trading.

  • sue sgaggero says:

    Thanks Tim Bohen I just wish I could trade again. I love all your ideas and the podcast with Steve

  • F.TAPP says:

    Your weekly watch list is great. I find it a good place to start my week of trading.

    Am always interested in a good read and Ayn Rand is one of my favorite authors as well. Look forward to reading “Transforming…”

    I have STT and have tried to use the custom scan. Please email me your STT custom scan. I know that I can learn how to do this better by studying yours.

    I always enjoy and find practical, applicable advice from your webcast presentations, You Tube videos, and written commentary. Thank You!

  • Scott says:

    Hey Tim, can you send your custom StocksToTrade custom scan.

  • Flora Jean Weiss says:

    Hi Tim,
    Thank you for the information.
    I am working on understanding and grasping all the nuances of the scans, charts, technical, informational, and figuring out which stock is the best to learn to paper trade on.
    I am having difficulty with my STT so that’s putting a wrench in the studying, practicing, and getting good experiences in trading.
    Thank you again for all your hard work and heart felt information.

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