Strategy Session and Q and A 10-27-2016

By October 27, 2016Pro Webinars

Discussion of the possibility of “Short Selling Becoming Great again” and the 3 main setups we will look to trade once the current market trend flips to favor shorting.

10/27/2016 10:18 AM Interesting theory on uncertainty of election slowing volume.
PRQR recap – sign of trend?
OTC’s “Make short selling great again” 🙂
     -all failed momentum last few days
Short Selling strategies
     -short at or around open wiht risk on pre market high – PRQR
     -wait for Parabolic and set risk
     -late day HOD reject
Further discussion and recap of last night DO NOT BE AFRAID TO NOT TRADE
Risk and trade plans
     -how to write and stick to the discipline
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