Strategy Session and Q and A 1-19-2017 Paper Trading Tutorial and Breakdown, Trade Setup Recaps $BIOC, $CENX, $DELT, $GLBS

By January 19, 2017Pro Webinars

Good general Q and A session, lots of positive comments from you guys thanks! Broke down paper trading and all the opitions. Good session to watch. 

1/19/2017 11:54 AM GLBS “dip buy” blegh. but simulation.
1/19/2017 11:57 AM Paper Trading run through
“ideal chart” 
1/19/2017 12:25 PM CENX WHAT A SWING!!!!
1/19/2017 12:34 PM VRAY potential for later. 
1/19/2017 12:48 PM Oracle Market Open Session
1/19/2017 12:50 PM DELT, GLBS, CENX,NFEC, 
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