Strategy Session 12-6-2016 – Conviction and sticking to your plan. Recap of recent trades, focusing on taking profits too early.

By December 7, 2016Pro Webinars

Discussion of conviction and sticking to plan, especially in regards to my own trading exiting working trades too quickly. Recap of recent plays and a some “gutter fundamental” analysis on potential plays. 

Conviction and sticking to plan
Record keeping SOOOO huge to success, almost nobody does it, and then they wonder why they are going nowhere.
Thursday Post 2PM moves.
HUGE stuff coming soon in STT, always takes longer than I hope but getting close
     -Twitter integration
     -Surging strats etc
     – Still not the right time. It will come trust me.
     – To much work, effort and stress right now.
     -Focus on what works.. Repeat it over and over till it doesnt, seems simple thats the beauty.
Weekly watchlist update
Q and A
EMG is a salivating short to me. I lOOOVE shorting carcasses like this, but at this point its just a discration. 
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