Strategy Session 12-13-2016 Breakdown of recent plays $AKAO $IDXG $NVCN $OPGN breakdown of whole dollar 1/2 dollar methodology.

By December 13, 2016Pro Webinars

Good detail on lots of recent setups and detailed breakdown of using the whole dollar 1/2 dollar idea to have numerous potential trades on AKAO long and short.

Recent tickers and technical analysis
CETX FYI I’m catching wind of the confirmation of it as a pump, BUT thats not necesarily a bad thing we might have grabbed it early.
12/13/2016 8:49 PM VCEL Former runner, Multi month breakout above $3, strong resistance, Has news/catalyst, RELATIVELY low float, a pretty trendy sector, stem cell kinda stuff, financials are “OK”, very interesting play ,need pre market to make a plan.  nice that it literally closed at the HOD.
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  • Tim Vaughn says:

    had to miss first half of live session last night, watched the whole replay when I got up this morning. Great session Tim. Thanks.

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