Strategy Session 1-3-2016 $IDXG, $KATE, $CETX and mail bag Q and A

By January 4, 2017Pro Webinars

Covered a lot of recent questions, related to entries and trade plans. As well recapped recent trade setups and discussed upcoming features in STT.

Sample trade plans (going long on a stock)
  • Low priced stocks (OTC) – buy break of previous days high and risk on previous days close (so if the stock goes red on you, you get out!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • Nasdaq stocks – whole dollar half dollar
  • Pre market spiker – spikes at open – buy at break of pre market high or around whole dollar half dollar line
  • Pre market spiker – dips at open – buy at pre market support as a dip buy or let it come back and go red to green; or you could let it come back and trade whole dollar half dollar – this will mean stock will prove itself
  • Thanks a bunch, Tim!
Weak open red to green CETX
Low float short – NEVER until a clear change occurs, I will default to long or miss. 
Focus on this: EVERY stock more important than actually making trades in the begining
IDXG 1/3/17 8:43 AM  too many confusing catalysts and terrible spread, had a one for 10 reverse split on Friday after the close (terrible for a a long or short) also has a deal with blue cross blue shield (great for a long) also has a huge % of shares short (great for a long) terrible spread (horrible for both short and long)
Enhanced Trade Selection Sheets coming soon – graphic designer
Dev backlog/active projects
Zip up pre built scanners, and post 
Swing long “recipe” 
First red day. GTFO 
NO SHORTS < 10M float. 
12/24 hour time format optoion
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