StocksToTrade 2.0.3100 Released

By June 24, 2016Announcements

Today we are releasing version 2.0.3100 of StocksToTrade.

Visit the Changelog for a full list of changes.

We will be highlighting some of the new features added in this version.


Support for High-DPI Devices

StocksToTrade version 2.0.3100 introduces support for High DPI devices.

StocksToTrade was previously unable to scale according to the device’s settings resulting in a hard-to-read interface which significantly hindered user experience while still retaining its functionality. 

With this update, High-DPI displays are now fully supported and StocksToTrade show show at the scaling level defined by the system, which will significantly improve usability these types of computers.

Search Bar Dialog can now be set to a default action

One of the features that has been constantly requested has been the ability to skip the dialog box that appeared every time a stock search was made. This process required users to click twice every time before displaying the new stock by asking whether to replace the existing Stock Tab or opening a new Stock Tab.

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Version 2.0.3100 introduces the ability to set a default action for searching new stocks.

StocksToTrade Open Stock Dialog improvement

Should you change your mind, you may also easily switch between the actions or set it back to the original ask behavior.

StocksToTrade StockSearch defaults

Linking Scans to Stock Tabs

Another improvement added to Version 2.0.3100 is the ability to link StocksToTrade’s various scans to a Stock Tab.

Prior to this version, it was necessary to double click on a stock symbol on any of the available scans which would result in opening a new Stock Tab for every stock to view. In order to improve process efficiency, we have added the ability to allow for single clicking on symbols for switching the content on existing tabs, while still keeping the double click function for opening a new tab.

StocksToTrade linking stock tabs to scans

You may now link any of the following to a Stock Tab for single click switching:

  • Sidebar Top % Gainers/Losers
  • Sidebar New Highs/Lows
  • Sidebar Custom Watchlists
  • Pre-programmed Scans Tab
  • Screener Tab

Total View layout conserved between Stock changes

One of the features that has often been requested was the ability to keep the same layout between Stock Tab switches.

In the previous releases, changing a stock on a Stock Tab would result in resetting Total View to its default display, essentially undoing any setup that was previously done by the user. 

We have improved upon this by allowing users to keep the same layout between stock changes on the same tab.

Saving a new Total View layout

The last new feature that you’ll find on Version 2.0.3100 is the ability to save a Total View layout based on how you want to show your Stock Tab initially.

Previously, you were limited to the default layout offered by StocksToTrade when it came to displaying Total View, which resulted in always having to manually reposition and resize your data widgets with every new Stock Tab created.

With this release, users may simply set up the Total View layout as needed, right click on the Total View button and save the current layout as the default for every new Stock Tab.

StocksToTrade Total View Save defaults

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