StocksToTrade 2.1.4216 Released

By September 20, 2016Announcements

Visit the Changelog for a full list of changes in StocksToTrade.


Direct symbol entry

One of the most interesting additions to this release is the ability to type a symbol directly from any part of the stock view in order to quickly switch or add symbols.

Simply start typing the symbol and select or press enter when you’re done and you will be given the option to either replace the current tab or open the stock view in a new tab.

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Alternative Chart zoom view

This version also introduces the ability to switch the chart zoom display to a fixed width candle, which provides the possibility to keep the candle size fixed while still displaying more candles within the same area of the chart. In addition, a candle border may be enabled for better visibility.

Alternate Zoom view

These options can be enabled from the settings, by going int the “Chart” menu and enabling the options.

Enable alternate chart displayAlternative Zooming behavior

Another addition, is the ability to quickly zoom using the left mouse button. The default setting allows you to do so by pressing the CTRL key and dragging the display. You may also switch the default behavior to enabling this option when clicking the left mouse button and setting the click-to-pan option as the secondary option (using the CTRL key).

Alternate zoom command

Alternating the zoom mode on the mouse can be enabled from the settings.

Alternate zoom option setting

% Chg Result filtering

This version of StocksToTrade also implemented the ability to filter down results by percent change. This was added to add better flexibility of choice when looking for stocks within a certain percent % range on existing scan results.

% Change result filterReset to factory settings option

Finally, StocksToTrade v2.1.4216 introduces the ability to quickly reset the application to factory settings. This enables users to quick clear their data files and start fresh. When resetting, a backup of all existing data files is made for your convenience.

The actual process of locating these files is described in the following knowledge base articles:

The reset option is available from the gear menu in both the login screen and the main application.

Reset data files optionBugs and improvements

You may check all other minor corrections in this version by checking the Changelog.


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