StocksToTrade Paper Trading BETA

Introducing Paper Trading on StocksToTrade BETA.

Paper Trading allows to to practice and trade with no financial risk involved. Our paper trading system offers the flexibility of using Real-Time live data and simulate real trades in a sandbox environment.

This feature is great for learning and developing new trading techniques while keeping a safety net around your capital.

Other Details

Please note that this is BETA software and during the process of testing we might be required to reset any paper trading accounts on our database which will result in trade data loss for the information stored on our servers.

Known Issues

  • 2016-09-26 – Profit and Loss calculations are not properly retained and display incorrect information at times

Download Before downloading, make sure that you read and understand the Beta License Agreement. By  clicking on the download links below, you agree to the terms set forth in the aforementioned License Agreement.

Download for Windows 64bitDownload for Mac OSX

Support Any support inquiries regarding the BETA should be directed to [email protected]. Before submitting a BETA Bug report, please make sure that you read the follow knowledge base articles:

IMPORTANT NOTE: BETA support in only intended for reporting bugs and functional issues in regards to the BETA versions. For general support please contact [email protected].