Pre Market Livestream 2-1-2017 $DRYS, $HMNY, $JAGX, $RIGL

By February 1, 2017Pro Webinars

DRYS, pretty much sucked all the air out of the room. Live trading of a pretty mediocre idea on HMNY, in summary I thought DRYS had given it up so HMNY would be the momentums stock of the day, I was impulsive and chased. Had a great week and I’ll admit I got a little “cocky” and aggressive

2/1/2017 8:42 AM Watching push through $6.00 on DRYS
2/1/2017 8:42 AM DRYS and others I will NOT short today..
2/1/2017 8:42 AM CALA nice on the gapper
2/1/2017 8:43 AM EVOK, I wasnt crazy about it, but did discuss a short yesterday, nice gap down.
2/1/2017 9:04 AM JAGX watching $1.00 for push other than that dead to me. 
2/1/2017 9:10 AM VCEL area of interest $3.25, needs volume
2/1/2017 9:10 AM DRYS over/under $6.00 “hanging around” post 9AM. with risk on $5.75
2/1/2017 9:10 AM RIGL, I’m long overnight, gonna try and swing this as long as it holds $2.00
2/1/2017 9:14 AM HMNY low float, but “twitter pumpers” on it, fine to trade, just be aware, old breakout line @ $5.00 whole dollar/half dollar
2/1/2017 9:33 AM DRYS dead for now, but if it gets back to $6.00 I’m ALL OVER IT.
2/1/2017 9:36 AM Long HMNY @ $4.99 risk on 4.74 goal $5.5+
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