Pre Market Livestream 12-8-2016 – $COOL, $PHMD, $EMKR, $IDXG

By December 8, 2016Pro Webinars

Let slow per market kind of put me into a lull, should have been WAAAY more aggressive on COOL and PHMD. But solid plans laid out. Good session to review IMHO.

12/8/2016 9:16 AM COOL buyout/merer = no play
12/8/2016 9:18 AM CTRV potential has PR, but needs to get going.
12/8/2016 9:22 AM AVXL hopefully pops for potential short.
12/8/2016 9:23 AM IDXG area of internst $.50 cents over/under
12/8/2016 9:26 AM EMKR potential breakout buy @ $8.50 weak open red to green. 1/2 dollar area AND a breakout and day 2 and market strong 
12/8/2016 9:29 AM TXMD like Icebreaker’s idea, potential short on pops.
12/8/2016 9:30 AM COOL dips to $4.40 with risk on $4.19
12/8/2016 9:34 AM PHMD way up, I can’t touch it here, potential short, if shares are out there.
12/8/2016 9:36 AM PHMD I would be VERY VERY VERY SHORT BIAS, 
12/8/2016 9:37 AM PHMD exponentail candle on 5 min.
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