Pre Market Livestream 12-23-2016 $ACST, $CNAT, $GSAT, $NEOT, $URRE

By December 23, 2016Pro Webinars

Good discussion of risk management on a low volume day before the holiday. Solid breakdown of ACST “looking like OPGN” Great eye locating CNAT perk by TnC, great teamwork!

12/23/2016 6:38 AM URRE Day 2
12/23/2016 6:53 AM Reminder Market Closed Monday (Observation of Christmas)
12/23/2016 8:04 AM Day before Christmas, no reason to get aggresive and ruin your day. Trade small or not at all, good day to chill/watch/learn/review/plan etc.
12/23/2016 9:22 AM CETX green push
12/23/2016 9:22 AM DPRX same as watch push through $3 or HOD
12/23/2016 9:23 AM Uraniums need new HOD’s or a trump tweet etc. but very mixed right now.
12/23/2016 9:23 AM WATT watching weak open red to green.
12/23/2016 9:27 AM SGY off of BTUUQ potential short, 2 ideas watch for pops over $10 or Green to Red.
12/23/2016 9:28 AM SGY red move with risk on pre market high is an idea, but stock is choppy, I see getting stopped out on that idea early.
12/23/2016 9:34 AM ACST Potential dip to $1.60 with risk on $1.40 – Pump trade cautiously, only buy dips no breaks.
12/23/2016 9:39 AM ACST 3 recent runs.
12/23/2016 9:41 AM ACST just reminds of OPGN for some reason.
12/23/2016 9:41 AM ACST only watch for later. I dont trust early.
12/23/2016 9:43 AM ACST chart EARILY similar to OPGN
12/23/2016 9:45 AM CNAT $4.20 with risk on $4.00
12/23/2016 9:52 AM AMD red to green potential
12/23/2016 9:53 AM CNAT same plan, dips to $4.20 with risk on $4.00 – HARD STOP on $4.00
12/23/2016 9:56 AM URRE only interesting at NHOD’s for me.
12/23/2016 9:56 AM GSAT for sure on watch, keep an eye on news.
12/23/2016 9:57 AM CNAT heavily shorted and under SSR, guys want out before weekend.
12/23/2016 9:59 AM SGY short only now, but need a spike
12/23/2016 10:00 AM NEOT I want $1.40s to get interested, ugly messy chart.
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