Pre Market Livestream 12-2-2016 – $SGY, $NVCN, $TLYS, $BNSO

By December 2, 2016Pro Webinars

Primary focus on SGY, caught a nice rip, very please to follow overnight plan versus getting distracted yesterday. Best to take quick gains into $1 rip and double top at $8.00. Need to be quick for this type, but quick gains can be had. 

12/2/20168:51 AM SGY per plan.
12/2/2016 9:09 AM BCEI, SDRL
12/2/2016 9:17 AM SGY watching dips with risk on $6.50
12/2/2016 9:20 AM APPY is ignore unless it goes green, then could get a Friday squueze
12/2/2016 9:27 AM CTIC has news, former runner, decent setup with risk on $0.50 look for grind back to $0.55 for entry. Good R/R 3-1+
12/2/2016 9:30 AM SGY rip!!
12/2/2016 9:33 AM SGY probably need to take profits here, but BCEI and SDRL are potential sympathy, as long as they stay green.
12/2/2016 9:35 AM SGY if you are a bias short, probably good her with risk on $8.00
12/2/2016 9:36 AM TLYS interesting here @ $14.20 with risk on red which is $14.00 
12/2/2016 9:44 AM BNSO Friday short exit? Interesting at $2.75 with risk on $2.50 Lots of volume releative to last couple weeks. 
12/2/2016 9:48 AM TLYS and CBK lame low volume ignore.
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