Pre Market Livestream 11-9-2016 $CARA, $FOLD, $SWHC, $BTUUQ, Weed Stocks

By November 9, 2016Pro Webinars

Crazy market action, focus on a small list, let things “shake out” today. 

11/9/2016 8:49 AM CARA FOLD weak open red to green
11/9/2016 8:50 AM Main weed watches again – AMMJ, CANN, CBDS, CNAB – all of them potentials.
11/9/2016 8:53 AM ARRY Continued swing from last couple days.
11/9/2016 8:55 AM Thursday 12PM EST – new screener – tutorial and setup scans. Want to wait for market to “shake out” better for running screens, today will be “odd day”
11/9/2016 9:11 AM Lots of solid comments on the “watchlist building” webinar, plan is to do another one next with – especially now that we have the new screener.
IB margin – research.
Look into gun election news
11/9/2016 9:36 AM SWHC dip buy @ 24.02 sold @ $24.50 its now at 25+++ and still going….
10:25 AM CARA weak open red to green, look to buy at or around $8.67 with risk on $8.50 goal $9+
10:27 FOLD probably a non play now, didn’t open weak right away.
10:48 SS BTUUQ @ $13 risk on $13.30 goal $12.00 
Why do I want to make this trade?
Do I have a solid POTENTIAL risk to reward?
When shorting especially in this climate is very difficult so I WILL  NOT chase, only short pops.
11:27 FOLD getting ready to break out.
11:27 CARA working nicely.
11:27 Still watching perks on BTUUQ
11:28 SWHC potential trend later.
11:28 Weed still a watch but pretty meh today. 
11:35 CARA holding, SPY making new highs, really no reason to sell.
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