Pre Market Livestream 11-28-2016 $HTBX, $PZRX, $REPH, $CAAS

By November 28, 2016Pro Webinars

Good focus list, basically just two stocks, HTBX and PZRX. HTBX ended up a non play this morning, may be good for later, and then we NAILED the plan on PZRX.

11/28/2016 9:16 AM HTBX 
11/28/2016 9:22 AM CUBA a joke, BUT will trade if it gets nutty.
11/28/2016 9:25 AM OPXA $1.20 break potential long
11/28/2016 9:26 AM MDGS $1.30 area of interest
11/28/2016 9:29 AM PZRX potential long on $1.50 break ie $1.51 with risk on $1.25
11/28/2016 9:31 AM HTBX watching for rebreak on $3.00
11/28/2016 9:32 AM OCUL weak open red to green swing (multi day) setup
11/28/2016 9:33 AM DO NOT hold PZRX below $1.25
11/28/2016 9:33 AM HTBX potential long anytime it breaks $3 with risk on $2.75
11/28/2016 9:34 AM Topic for Tuesday “Float rotation”
11/28/2016 9:39 AM CAAS nice from swing list, use small size but could be nice multiday run.
11/28/2016 9:44 AM PZRX nothing wrong with taking profits, VERY good potential for this to be in play ALL DAY.
11/28/2016 9:45 AM Main watches for later PZRX, HTBX, OCUL, REPH, Weed stocks sneeky.
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