Pre Market Livestream 11-22-2016 $SKLN, $AVXL, $HMNY, $OPXA, $SCON, $BNSO

By November 22, 2016Pro Webinars

I foolishly held a couple winners overnight, then let them turn into a loss and a breakeven. Then because of having positions was not laser focused on SKLN, SCON,BNSO. Rest of week will be VERY cautious holding ANYTHING overnight. 

11/22/2016 8:32 AM SKLN
11/22/2016 8:53 AM OPXA @ $1.14 and CHNR @ $3.50
11/22/2016 8:54 AM HMNY 
11/22/2016 8:55 AM KALV ignore
11/22/2016 8:55 AM AVXL potential short on pops risk on $4.30
11/22/2016 9:18 AM HMNY OPXA CHNR AVXL SKLN main watches.
11/22/2016 9:20 AM Repost BK energy watchlist
11/22/2016 9:24 AM Horizontal line timestamp
11/22/2016 9:25 AM HMNY AVXL SKLN main watches, forgot that garbage from overnight…
11/22/2016 9:26 AM backup plan on SKLN potential buy on break of $3 with risk on $2.89
11/22/2016 9:31 AM Ditched CHNR -25 cents
11/22/2016 9:31 AM OPXA stopped at breakeven.
11/22/2016 9:34 AM AVXL didnt get the spike, but yet another reason to listen to Adam Fuerstein
11/22/2016 9:38 AM UPLMQ good proxy for BK energy plays coming back as well as low float energy plays.
<justin> I drilled it when news posted on STT    My first buck win 3 months
11/22/2016 9:40 AM At this point I would take all SKLN off and wait for later. @ $4.50
11/22/2016 9:48 AM SCON 
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