Pre Market Livestream 11-1-2016 $AMMJ, $CNAB, $GRVY, $GRWC, $NSPR, $NVCN, $SKLN

By November 1, 2016Pro Webinars

Primary focus on AMMJ, SKLN, GRVY, NSPR, ANGI. Killer locate on NSPR and nice slow grind up on AMMJ

11/1/2016 7:47 AM ANGI Earnings winner
11/1/2016 8:34 AM SKLN news
11/1/2016 9:22 AM ANGI potential swing, vs day trade
11/1/2016 9:23 AM Weak open red to green G/R R/G types of plays tonight at 8PM
11/1/2016 9:23 AM GRVY weak open red to green
11/1/2016 9:23 AM SKLN – Will consider long over $2.00
11/1/2016 9:29 AM GRVY Weak open, watching for R/G move
11/1/2016 9:37 AM ANGI watching $8.30’s for grind back, late day type move.
11/1/2016 9:37 AM AMMJ stop out at $1.30’s
11/1/2016 9:39 AM SKLN stop under $2.00
11/1/2016 9:42 AM NSPR open, potential long @ $2.00 whole dollar/half dollar
11/1/2016 9:44 AM NSPR Stop on $1.79
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