Pre Market Livestream 10-27-2016

By October 27, 2016Pro Webinars

Low volume morning today, not much continuation, these times will come and they always go. Could be a sign to finally start getting more aggressive shorting morning spikes though.

“The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses makes but few calculations beforehand.”
– Sun Tzu
10/27/2016 9:05 AM AEZS weird stuff, probably and ignore.
10/27/2016 9:05 AM PRQR Top potential short, let it run and set HOD for risk.
10/27/2016 9:13 AM Good call on AEZS, now and offering.
10/27/2016 9:17 AM VG watching $7.50 breakout.
10/27/2016 9:19 AM FCEL Exxon contract.
10/27/2016 9:22 AM PRQR main short watch, FCEL and VG main long watches.
10/27/2016 9:25 AM UCTT watching dips to $8.70’s with risk on $8.50
10/27/2016 9:38 AM UCTT, intereesting here in the $8.30’s see if it can hold.
10/27/2016 9:41 AM UCTT potential long, watching $8.50 area, $PRQR potential short on pops.
10/27/2016 9:42 AM VG potential red/green move
10/27/2016 9:46 AM AMRN Potential long here at $3.50 with stop on the previous breakout level of $3.40
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