Pre Market Livestream 10-25-2016 $EYES, $UA, $SAEX, $CRBP, $UNIS, $DRWI

By October 25, 2016Pro Webinars

SAEX and EYES main watches, other than SAEX lots of failed momentum.

10/25/2016 7:54 AM Grr, miss on SAEX market close, back on watch this AM, then watched run in pre…
10/25/2016 8:59 AM Trying to get dips in EYES and UA
10/25/2016 9:04 AM CRBP AdamF neg
10/25/2016 9:20 AM Lots on watch, EYES, SAEX and UA main watches right now
10/25/2016 9:23 AM EYES trying to get $3.20 with risk on $3.00, but looks to run without me.
10/25/2016 9:29 AM UNIS gonna try to start @ $3.00 stop at $2.75 add above $3.50
10/25/2016 9:35 AM Watching SAEX for reversal finally got a green 5 min candle @ $10.30, paper trade… blegh…
10/25/2016 9:36 AM Add UNIS as potential R/G
10/25/2016 9:40 AM DRWI interested, but needs more volume, and more convincing grind back.
10/25/2016 9:42 AM Weed stocks I still believe, just look to buy dips and HAVE A PLAN!!!!
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