Pre Market Livestream 1-3-2017 $KATE, $CETX, $IDXG, $INVT

By January 3, 2017Pro Webinars

Good plans on KATE and CETX, INVT went no where so took the loss. IDXG was a silly attention grabber, though a killer short squeeze.

1/3/2017 6:51 AM In “Market reset” mode, reassess for coming week. Last week was soooo dead, hard to read off of that.
1/3/2017 8:59 AM FNJN low float recipe
1/3/2017 8:59 AM 8PM Strategy Session – Planning and executing entries. Long and Short
1/3/2017 9:10 AM LEI former runner
1/3/2017 9:12 AM IDXG, news but carcass…
1/3/2017 9:18 AM KATE watching SS for weak open with risk on red/green (more a likely a late day fader)
1/3/2017 9:20 AM CETX weak open red to green
1/3/2017 9:20 AM FNJN needs $1.40’s – $1.50s
1/3/2017 9:21 AM IDXG really needs to get going, but I can’t buy it, Ideally goes way higher for short. 
1/3/2017 9:22 AM LEI needs to prove itself at $1.75
1/3/2017 9:24 AM If conflciting float, check finviz, yahoo finance and use the freebie
1/3/2017 9:30 AM SOL research
1/3/2017 9:31 AM new 52 week on CETX
1/3/2017 9:33 AM KATE starter SS @ $18.55 with risk on Red/Green, add at LOD $18.35
     -Will recap tonight, idea in using starter entry.
1/3/2017 9:36 AM INVT potential long at $0.90 with risk on Red
1/3/2017 9:39 AM KOPN watch for later.
1/3/2017 9:42 AM IDXG I still don’t like, for me its only a short, that being said needs much higher.
1/3/2017 9:44 AM INVT pump, use caution, I’d ignore.. or sell at this point, didnt get going.
1/3/2017 9:46 AM its post 9:45 I’d look to short something like IDXG at this point @ $6.30, with risk on HOD 
1/3/2017 9:48 AM IDXG restricted to SS, best to ignore today..
1/3/2017 9:49 AM KATE working – SS, INVT moved on, when it couldnt crack $1 (Pump)
1/3/2017 9:52 AM I remain very “anti short”
1/3/2017 9:55 AM KATE, VBIO, CETX main watch, I’ll be scoping IDXG but its an ignore to trade.
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