Pre Market Livestream 1-25-2017 $CDTI, $CENX, $NAK, $UEC, $URRE

By January 25, 2017Pro Webinars

Slower day, live trade on CDTI, not really anything that interesting in small cap land  long or short. In hindsight probably a good day to take off. Dow 20K finally so we will see how things shake out from here.

7:59 AM CENX — AA had earnings last night (market Leader)
8:50 GSAT rumors with AMZN
9:06 URRE UEC interesting, would like to be patient, ideal a weak open, maybe not red, but then a grind back to HODS
9:20 ASYS lower volume but like the chart, watching $6.00 break with risk on $5.75
9:21 BIOC most likely an ignore, but I’ll watch for $2.00 – VERY skeptical of BIOC
9:23 GSAT needs volumes AMZN rumors
9:24 NAK same idea as yesterday buy $3.50 with risk on $3.25
9:25 UEC URRE watching NHOD with risk on pre market lows.
9:26 VRAY Weak open red to green
9:27 Main watches AA+CENX, UEC, URRE, NAK, VRAY
9:35 CDTI starter at $2.82, 20 cents of risk for $3+
9:37 OREX for later.
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