Pre Market Livestream 1-24-2017 $CLRB, $IDXG, $GPRO, $WATT, $CENX

By January 24, 2017Pro Webinars

Good live trading on CLRB, I think I did a solid job of detailing the psychology after entry and especially the “third party observer” concept I use.

8:32 AM NAK watching $3.45 over/under
8:38 AM WATT short pops to $17.50
8:39 AM GLBS short bias, but hard to borrow.
8:39 AM GIGM weak open red/green
8:40 AM VRAY weak open/red green
8:40 AM CENX weak open red/green
9:00 AM  CLRB Push to new highs.
9:10 BOT CLRB @ $1.62 risk on $1.50
Suggestion: i was wondering if an alarm could be added t the news so that maybe we could have an option for a sound indicator when something comes out
9:20 NAK long at breakout $3.45 with risk on $3.25 
9:27 GNVC sympathy plays – Strategy Session in the future
9:51 GPRO watching dips to $10.00 Risk on $9.70
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