Pre Market 10-7-2016

By October 7, 2016Pro Webinars

Little slower morning “getting back in the groove” from yesterday.  But decent ideas on AUPH, LPCN and TWTR but overall weak market took a lot of steam out.

Trading Notes

6:10 AM AUPH Potential short under $5.00 but its friday.
6:12 AM AUPH Better Potential weak open red to green
6:12 AM TWTR “real” stock, potential grind back
6:13 AM NEPT – little higher float but decent chart look for continution
TWTR – Potential grind back above $20.20
6:20 AM – HNR Potential buy but only on new highs.
6:21 AM – LPCN Lot of twitter pumpers
6:23 AM AUPH – 6:12 AM AUPH Better Potential weak open red to green
Watch for dips on SUNEQ
6:25 AM LPCN watch dips but hold $5.00 then grind back to NHODS
AUPH start edging in around $5.00
9:30 AM LPCN might have missed the dip at $5.15
9:32 AM TWTR @ $20.10 with stop under $20, goal $20.75
9:34 AM – AUPH watching for grind back to $4.90s for that R/G move
9:35 AM NEPT watch $1.50 break
9:36 AM AUPH Starter in the $4.90’s add above $5.00, same plan as above
9:37 AM LPCN, holding, if didn’t take gains into spike, be careful but could get secondly.
9:52 VBIO nice chart but low volume, trade small but I like the chart, big MFT breakout
9:55 AM 215 level on SPY cracks, be very careful with any longs
9:56 LPCN out at breakeven from open $5.20’s
9:58 LPCN and AUPH main watch same plans as above.
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