Pre Market 10-18-2016

By October 18, 2016Pro Webinars

CANN and CBDS worked out perfectly. CTRV still on watch for $2.50 break and a nice call on the OPTT bounce.

10/18/2016 8:39 AM CRBP watching Pops for SS
10/18/2016 8:42 AM AUPH push to $5.00 for SS
10/18/2016 8:42 AM CANN CBDS same plan, watching dips for long
10/18/2016 8:57 AM MACK like the short but want it higher.
10/18/2016 9:30 AM OPTT looking for dips to $3.20 with risk on $3.00
10/18/2016 9:39 AM CBDS CANN main watches, CTRV for Red/Green and $2.50 breakout. S to hold $7.00 and OPTT grind back to $4.00 CRBP pops to $8.00
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