Pre Market 10-12-2016

By October 12, 2016Pro Webinars

Slower day but a couple ok to average setups. But remember lesson from yesterday on BSPM, follow the low float scanner all day. 

9:02 AM SAEX Potential weak open red to green, if nothing else is more attractive
9:11 AM Value of a trade journal/log
9:12 AM Weed Stocks for sure in play
9:12 AM BSPM, value of watching all day.
6:14 AM IPCI my short bias kind of created a miss. Willing to go long now
9:15 Add news column to scans
EKSO Not interested AM because no volume, ideal would be all day grind and potential rapper.
Read news of offering on BSPM for educational – I will discuss more soon
9:29 Look to buy IPCI over $3.00
9:31 IPCI like with stop at LOD $3.15 
9:32 NVFY watching for dips, feels like a chase here up 10%+
9:37 VOXX Earnings winner, strong chart, but again I don’t want to chase.
9:38 IPCI glad I skipped this morning, still a decent watch for later. 
9:42 Short bias on NSPR look to get short post 10AM small size add to winner EOD – Needs a spike higher than $3.60’s though
9:49 VOXX still potential long later NSPR, short bias but only want it after a squeeze
10:09 AM Long HTGM on $3.50 perfect low float ripper, goal $1+ stop $3.00
10:29 AM Sold HTGM @ $4.10 big yank
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