Pre Market 10-11-2016

By October 11, 2016Pro Webinars

Slower day, nothing that interested except STAF and SAEX, and they are both rather undramatic. Good day to focus on studying or other projects.

8:53 AM Very slow morning…
6:10 AM I will focus on not trading, working with Dev team on new features and releases and new educational materials.
9:17 CRBP goal is still < $9, but I will cover at $9.79 if it does not work early.
9:20 LPCN good swing, just keeps basing a little higher, but $6.00 is key.
9:21 SAEX Weak open – red to green
9:23 STAF has all the potential to be a runner, but need a better read at this point.
9:31 STAF potential long at $1.45 with stop on Pre market lows – $1.30’s
9:36 STAF really only interesting stock at this point.
9:39 CANN “Favorite” weed stock up nicely.
9:40 SAEX week open red to green, decent entry at $8.80 with stop on $8.50 – Days lows
9:41 Stopped on CRBP  $9.70 +30 cents a share, kinda meh, tried it the overnight short, but at least I’m out and don’t need to watch it all day. 
9:42 On a slow day, SAEX was a textbook weak open red to green as discussed. STAF was “kinda OK” but is holding could still run.
10:16 AM EKSO nice, good call by pro member in chat.
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