Pre Market 10-10-2016

By October 10, 2016Pro Webinars

Primary focus on CRBP. But several other “ok” setups. Discussion of calendar and schedule updates. Watch your email mid day today.

Trading Notes

9:05 AM AUPH Continuation over $5.00
9:06 AM IPCI Possible short pops, but may be no entry to grab.
9:06 AM LPCN Holding gains and close to making new highs from Friday.
9:07 AM NVFY Strong Potential Short
9:07 AM TWTR – Ugly, potential short on pops. but probably just an interesting watch. Got faked out Friday.
9:09 AM Watchlist will be sent today, Conference and Travel day yesterday made it super busy.
9:09 AM Calendar will be updated with Sessions outside market open and close.
9:14 AM CRBP Potential around $10, long or short.
9:19 AM Hopefully you guys found CRBP on Friday afternoon, perfect afternoon grind up, Friday short squeeze.
9:24 AUPH CRBP LPCN main watches.
9:26 EGLT
9:28 LCPN, potential LPCN breakout over $6.00 or weak one red to green.
9:30 Hopefully big rip on IPCI to get short
9:34 CRBP Try and get entry at $10.15 stop at $9.95
9:35 Revisist weed stock for later.
9:37 I will never buy IPCI but decent R/R here at $3.00 with risk on LOD
9:38 LPCN Potential short on Green to Red
9:43 Let IPCI run mid day, look to short late day.
9:46 Out CRBP $10.41, felt like I gave it time, but just could not push through $10.50
Should I be looking for stocks with a float of more than 10,000,000? Low floats have not been as plentiful nor profitable for me over the last two weeks.
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