"What Do I Get Exactly?"

This new guide is 5+ hours of in-depth training where you’ll see:

  • How Stephen Johnson turned $660 in $62,000 in 2020…
  • Why you should short “gappers” (a gimme pattern)!
  • The “three secrets” Stephen looks for before he trades ANY stock...
  • Endless practical examples, charts, and minute by minute analysis...
  • Learn the “Payday Pattern” as Stephen Live trades and shares his screen (complete with narration)!

The difference between this and other guides is simple…

It’s backed by HARD DATA.

All my analysis, research, and learnings are backed on two years of painstakingly tracking all gappers. And when you get access, you’ll get my two years of data with a customizable spreadsheet you can use to continue expanding it.

Basically… this is my start to finish “payday pattern framework” all in one place…

All you have to do is learn how to use it.

The Video Modules:


Module 1: Introduction…

An introduction to the guide and exactly what you should expect to gain from it.


Module 2: A data based approach...

The basics to develop and understand a data-driven approach to master the gap and crap short strategy.


Module 3: A pattern-based approach...

A deep dive into different daily patterns to discover which provide the best odds of success (and why) including in depth chart analysis.


Module 4: A system-driven approach...

An introduction to “the system” and how it all ties together. You’ll see how to start tracking data then analyze it to determine your edge in the stock market.


Module 5: Marrying data, dailies, and other variables together...

In depth chart analysis learning how to consider all variables, from the daily chart to your data, to perfect executions getting in and out of a trade.


Module 6: In Summary...

Concluding and re-capping on lessons learnt in previous sections


Module 7: Live Streams...

Stephen’s live trades narrated to hear his thought process during each tick of the tape. This section will be updated as new streams are recorded.



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“How do I know this works?”

You won’t know until you try it.

And while I cannot promise it’ll work for you, I can promise you that it’s worked for me… an average guy who trades stocks from home on the side.

I started using the Payday Pattern in January 2020.

Back then, my account was at $660.


It's at $62,000 and growing.

All verified and publicly trackable…

All by using this exact framework I’m about to show you…

Look at this growth curve!

A near +10,000% increase in less than one year!

So, will it work for you?

Who knows.

All I can show you is how it worked for me.

Your success is up to you.

Trading stocks is difficult, you need to work hard, study, and focus.

Because I can give you the framework and the tools and all the research behind it…

But you have to make it WORK.

“Who’s Stephen Johnson?”

A couple of years ago, after breaking up with his girlfriend, Stephen Johnson was looking for something productive to throw his time into.

Browsing the internet one night, he came across Tim Sykes, the millionaire penny stock trader and teacher. Stephen was skeptical at first.

He wondered if it was truly possible to make real money trading penny stocks from home… or if it was just hype?

Luckily for Stephen, he researched Tim Sykes and the penny stock trading opportunity and concluded that it was exactly what he’d been looking for.

Stephen went on to develop his skills in the Tim Sykes Challenge, gradually stair-stepping his way to success.

What’s most interesting about Stephen is that through his YouTube channel, he’s documented every trade over the past two years.

Now, he’s found his stride and is seeing consistent profit each month with the Payday Pattern Framework he discovered.

From $660 to $62k?

Stephen’s story is just beginning...



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