Market Close Livestream 12-29-2016 $CETX, $CNAT, $DRAM, $KOOL, $RBIZ, $XGTI

By December 29, 2016Pro Webinars

Slow day, couple silly boredom/grudge trades for me. CETX nice hold of $7.00 and AMAZING and hilarious story on RBIZ 🙂

12/29/2016 10:38 AM Weak market, lots of failed spikes. KOOL solid rip but then a good short, much like GALE yesterday, no borrows on KOOL for me.
12/29/2016 11:33 AM SS CNAT @ $5.50 triple top, HOD reject, stupid grudge trade… Stop on $5.75
12/29/2016 12:46 PM XGTI long @ red to green. $1.30, former runner, low flaot, news.
12/29/2016 2:06 PM Sold XGTI @ $1.51 blegh… Premature move, over trading in a snoozer market.
12/29/2016 2:07 PM No more trades unless something MAJORLY juicy..
12/29/2016 3:39 PM RBIZ looks like nice contract but no way can I buy at 3:30pm when its up 600+% 
12/29/2016 3:46 PM XGTI Low float recipe but premature move. 
12/29/2016 3:55 PM CETX damn it reminds me of DRAM yesterday.
12/29/2016 3:55 PM CETX I’ll wait for tomorrow. reminds me too much of DRAM 
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