Market Close Livestream 12-20-2016 $CNAT, $SGY, $FRED, $BCEI

By December 20, 2016Pro Webinars

Good discussion of premature move on CNAT, it was a nice trade coming out of the mid day session when it broke $4.75, but does not fit my profile. Good break down of non trade in FRED, I detail building a case for trading it and end up determing there was no trade. (good breakdown)

12/20/2016 2:56 PM CNAT as discussed mid day, $4.75 was the break with risk on $4.50, just bummed the timing didnt fit.
12/20/2016 3:25 PM ADHD low floater, watch for HOD’s
12/20/2016 3:26 PM SGY no shorts for me but maybe a setup here @ $11.50 with risk on $11.90
12/20/2016 3:28 PM BCEI watching for HOD’s potential gapper
12/20/2016 3:40 PM BCEI is probably just driven by SGY, so if you are trading BCEI keep a close eye on SGY
12/20/2016 3:42 PM FRED Too real, too expensive, decent chart, 2PM break, but fading back to break level. “REAL” company up 90% Lowish float. 4 postives – 4 negatives = 0 which no trade.
12/20/2016 3:47 PM CNAT @ $5 is NOT AT ALL a gapper setup.
12/20/2016 3:48 PM SGY fading, be VERY cautious with BCEI probaly no play on it anyway. 
12/20/2016 3:50 PM ADHD for tomorrow, trying to fill gap, low float. Decent volume
12/20/2016 3:53 PM NVDA is the EXACT OPPOSITE of a good short. @ $105.05
12/20/2016 3:58 PM SGY “IF” I was short @ $11.50 this is a nice close, I would hold O/N with anticipation of a crack of $11 and a gap down.
12/20/2016 3:58 PM ADHD watching for catalyst
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