Market Close Livestream 12-2-2016 – $SGY, $TLYS, $NVCN, $VTNR, $ESSI

By December 2, 2016Pro Webinars

Good “lightning round” of tickers for discussion going into next week. Several decent trades today. And good discussion of my “Weekend Green Philosophy”

12/2/2016 3:00 PM Next week calendar updated, Tuesday night LOTS of Scans, files and descriptions
12/2/2016 3:02 PM SGY afternoon “boredom” trade, repeat of this morning, entry at $6.70 stop at $6.50 took off @ $7.00
12/2/2016 3:14 PM VTNR wont take today but on watch for next week.
12/2/2016 3:25 PM “Weekend Philosophy” ONLY hold GREEN positions over the weekend.
12/2/2016 3:33 PM IF I took VTNR overnight I would buy here at or around HOD with risk on $1.20.
12/2/2016 3:34 PM HTBX is ignore for me, there are better OPS = opportunities
12/2/2016 3:47 PM ARRY, S, 
12/2/2016 3:50 PM ESSI need to reasses on Monday but ideally a failed breakout. HIGHER THE BETTER
12/2/2016 3:56 PM EDU could get ugly mid term. Good swing short if you want to trade higher priced.
12/2/2016 3:57 PM P CNBC Pump ASNA for monday
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