Market Close Livestream 12-16-2016 $AKAO, $DRYS, $SGY, $EGLT

By December 16, 2016Pro Webinars

Nothing I am in love with over the weekend. Good detail of STICKING TO STOPS on DRYS. Best trade of the day was the short on $14 break of AKAO that we went over this morning. 

12/16/2016 11:24 AM XGTI watching out of halt
12/16/2016 3:30 PM SGY top short watch next week.
12/16/2016 3:35 PM EGLT I will look to wait till Monday, leaves time to asses the news as well as no angst holding over weeekend. 
12/16/2016 3:38 PM I see nothing in SYNC…
12/16/2016 3:44 PM EVOK, OPGN 
12/16/2016 3:49 PM GSAT, HOD’s, former runner, news, HIGH float, whole dollar/half dollar support @ $1.00
12/16/2016 3:54 PM MJPI short watch.
12/16/2016 3:55 PM Coulda would should, but AKAO short way better than DRYS long.
12/16/2016 3:57 PM MJPI reach out for pump info.
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