Market Close Livestream 12-12-2016 $AKAO, $NVCN, $ESSI, $INVN

By December 12, 2016Pro Webinars

Most of the focus was on the all day play of AKAO! Also discussed the nice post 2:30 PM potential gapper on NVCN, 

12/12/2016 3:27 PM AKAO
12/12/2016 3:41 PM NEON I’m dubious of the product, nice break through $2, but low volume, and high float. MAAAAYBBEEEE buy push to HOD with risk on $2.00 for small gapper.
12/12/2016 3:43 PM AKAO will breakdown a lot tomorrow night. 
12/12/2016 3:45 PM NVCN smart play was 2:30pm break at $2.15 with risk on red ($2.05) potentional stubbron short squuze gapper. 
12/12/2016 3:59 PM ESSI in a differnet market I like it more, but not these days.
12/12/2016 3:59 PM AKAO ideally a close around $12.50-12.75 for weak open red to green tomorrow
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